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We are the VIRTUAL EVENT PLATFORM for Online Events such as Conferences & Business Expos

Join us as we help the events industry bounce forward here in the Philippines!

Social Distancing Compliant

In this time of social distancing, large gatherings are prohibited.  So does that mean you have to cancel your event?

Absolutely not! We can help you convert your physical event such as annual conferences, business expos, and large meetings ONLINE.

Nationwide (or Global) Reach

Gone are the days of having limited attendees or reach because you can only attract people within the vicinity/area of your event. 

Now, whether attendees are in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, or event anywhere in the world, they can attend your event at the comfort of their home of office.  That’s the power of a virtual event!

Flexible Room Capacity

Have you experienced being so stressed because you have not yet sold out the whole venue with just few days remaining before the event?

You probably have given huge discounts just to fill up the venue, otherwise it will look empty with all the vacant spaces, isn’t it?

You don’t need to worry anymore because our spaces are flexible!  Whether you have 100, 300, 800, or even 3,000 attendees, our spaces adjusts with your requirements.

Huge Savings For You & Your Attendees

Just imagine, you just have to rent our virtual venue and you don’t have to pay for the food and other logistics costs anymore!

Your attendees also don’t have to fly in and rent a hotel just to attend your event.

It’s really a win-win solution for everyone!

Hassle-Free Online Event

Don’t know how to run an online event? Afraid that you don’t have the right technology?

Don’t worry because we will make it hassle-free for you!

We will take care of all the technology needed to run a successful online event.  Moreover, we will assign an experienced virtual events engineer to run your event so you can focus on delivering awesome content to your audience!

Private & Secure Access

You don’t want gate crashers or free loaders, do you?  That’s why the security of your event is our top priority. 

Only registered attendees can watch your event.

Moreover, when someone registers for your event, we will send them a personalized link that cannot be shared to other people.

This is especially important if you are running private or paid virtual event.

Our Available VIRTUAL Venues

From 100 to 3,000 attendees, our venues below can accommodate your online event.

Uncertain Times with the Pandemic…

This Covid-19 pandemic has swept away the future of many businesses, especially the MSMEs here in the Philippines and worldwide.  What used to be a very busy events industry, with bookings left and right for trainings, meetings, conferences, expos, was gone in an instant…

And sadly, many of us  were caught flat-footed and now, we don’t know what to do.  Having organized trainings, summits and expos in the past ourselves, we were also badly affected.

But we know that we can do something about it… having 20 years experience in business and being in the software industry for 10 years.

So we put our heads together to develop a one-of-a-kind  virtual event platform technology that can be used to deliver awesome ONLINE EVENTS — the kind of technology that might just help save the Philippine events industry.

And instead of keeping it exclusively for our own events only, we took on the mission to open it to other events organizers and companies so we can all bounce forward!

In this quarantine period, no other company has done more online events than us!  We’ve done close to 100 online events and powered the online sessions of PayMaya, BusinessWorld, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Philippine Star, Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc (AFFI), Unionbank GlobalLinker, BounceBack PH, and many more. So rest assured that you’re in good hands.

When it comes to your online events, you don’t want to risk it with just any other company!

We have powered the online events of these companies…

and many more…

Let’s Get In Touch…

Events Organizer

Are you an events organizer that was affected by the pandemic?  We partner with events organizers.  Get in touch with us and let’s help each other.


Are you a company that is looking for a way to bring your events ONLINE? You’re definitely on the right place because we have the technology & the solid experience to make it happen!

Let’s join hands in bouncing forward…

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