Our Proprietary Online Platform

    When it comes to online events, you have be a cut above the rest! So it’s important not to use free software because they cheapen your brand and lessens the value of your event.

    Your event speaks your brand.  It’s the reason why we put a lot of emphasis in making sure that our Online Platform is customizable to let the attendees see and feel your brand.

    When you use Virnew, you will have:

    • Branded Registration Page
    • Branded Email Notifications
    • Branded Lobby / Waiting Area
    • Branded Webinar Room
    • Branded Certificate of Attendance

    It’s all about branding… that’s why we put your brand at the center of your event!

    Moreover, our proprietary platform has been tested and continuously being upgraded based on our learnings from running more than 100 online events since the pandemic alone!

    Our Key Advantages

    Branded Registration Page

    Turn your event into a lead capture machine!  Get your participants' details in a page that speaks your brand image.

    We can create customizable registration pages and capture the name, email, mobile, and other info that you want from your participants.

    Powerful Notifications & Reminders

    Yes, there are many online events nowadays that's why it's very important to remind your registrants about your event.

    Don't worry about it because we have a set of automated of email and SMS reminders to ensure that your participants don't forget about your event so you can have the highest show up rate possible!

    Branded Lobby

    Tired of text-based lobby area?  Highlight your brand and your sponsors through our branded lobby area with dynamic countdown timer.

    As if they are waiting in a hotel lobby, participants can also listen to a cool jazz music or even your corporate jingle while waiting!

    Secure & Personalized Access

    There are times when you want only registered participants to attend the event, especially if it's a private event.

    That's perfectly fine because each access is personalized and can only be accessed by one device at a time.  So in case someone shares their access, they will be logged off from the system automatically!

    Multi-Hall Capable

    Do you need a Exhibit Hall or Networking Lounge aside from the Plenary Hall?

    No problem!  We've designed our system to be capable of adding multiple halls to cater to your needs!

    Your event sponsors can have their own virtual booths and engage with the attendees, just like in the old world!

    Integrated Campaign Tracking

    Knowing which campaign is effective can spell the difference between a successful event or not.  You need to track where the registrations are coming from and double-down on them.

    Using Virnew, you can set different campaign links for your facebook post, email blast, Instagram post, blog post, etc. to monitor which one is driving more registrations.

    Real-time Chat and Questions

    Of course, comments and questions are part of any online event.  But sometimes, questions can be buried in a sea of comments!

    That's why in Virnew, we have different tabs for questions and comments to make sure that they each get the attention that they deserve.

    Instant Replay Availability

    Let the truth be told!  A good number of those who registered will NOT be able to watch your online event, for one reason or another.

    That's why it's very important to have a replay and notify them after the broadcast so you can maximize your marketing mileage.

    E-Raffles, Polls, Quiz, and Other Engagement Tools

    Engagement is the name of the game when it comes to online events!

    That's why we have e-raffles, polls, quiz, wordcloud, and other engagement tools to help you stage a one-of-a-kind online event!

    Attendee Feedback Form

    It's very important that we get feedback from the attendees, especially since we can't see their reactions and body language during the event.

    Thus, we have made it easier for you by integrating a customizable and branded feedback form that we can automatically send to your attendees after the event.

    Live Chat Support

    No online event is perfect!  You'll have some issues here and there especially with the wide selection of devices and operating systems out there.

    That's why we have a live chat support during the event to make sure that each concern is addressed promptly.

    Full Service Package

    We know how daunting online events can be.  This is a new space that many companies don't have much experience yet.

    Virnew has done more than 100 online events since the pandemic so we definitely know how it's done.  We'll have orientation with your team and arrange technical rehearsal with your speakers to make sure they'll be comfortable in this new way of doing events!

    We'd love to hear from you...

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