Virtual Events

    So what are the virtual events that we can run?  Pretty much everything actually!  From large meetings, job fairs, conferences, expos, etc.,  we can help you convert those into virtual events, hassle-free!

    Below are some examples to keep your imagination rolling...

    Conferences and Conventions

    Conference canceled?  Easily produce a virtual live event for your organization.  No matter if it's good for 500 or 5,000 attendees, we can handle it!

    We can also set-up virtual booths for your sponsors so they can do product demos and sell their products virtually!

    Expos & Trade Fairs

    Business expos and trade fairs are great events to do virtually!  Each exhibitor will be given a virtual booth where they can do their selling and product demos virtually!

    Employee Awards Night

    Scared that your company's annual awards night might be cancelled?  No worries because we can do it online!

    Job Fairs

    Organizing a job fair for companies?  Let's do it online!

    We can set-up virtual booths for each company where they can receive job applications and do interviews hassle-free.

    Seminars & Trainings

    Do you have seminars and trainings planned for the rest of the year?  We can host your seminars and trainings so you don't have to cancel them.

    We also have a Learning Management System (LMS) to help you create a passive income by selling your recorded trainings online!

    Membership Meetings

    Does your organization have monthly or quarterly meetings?

    Keep your members engaged by doing virtual membership meetings.  You'll also save on cost and make it more convenient for your members to attend the online meetings.

    We'd love to hear from you...

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